Comprehensive CFO Salary Guide 2024:
UK vs. London

In the dynamic financial landscape of the United Kingdom, London stands out as a premier hub for finance professionals. As the industry evolves, understanding the remuneration trends for key finance roles is crucial for individuals navigating their career paths or hiring managers trying to benchmark the competitive salary landscape.
 This salary survey delves into the latest finance salaries across the UK, with a particular focus on London, providing invaluable insights for the reader.

Finance Business Partner Compensation

Let’s start with the role of a Finance Business Partner, a critical liaison between finance and business units. The average annual salary for this position in the UK is a competitive £60,000. However, in London, the financial epicenter, this figure rises to £80,000, reflecting the city’s higher cost of living and the premium placed on specialised finance expertise.

Senior Finance Executives

For Senior Finance Executives, the salary differential between the UK average of £75,000 and London’s £90,000 underscores the value placed on seasoned expertise in the capital. This role’s complexity and the demand for high-caliber professionals are mirrored in the substantial compensation packages on offer.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) commands the highest salaries, reflecting the critical strategic importance and vast responsibilities associated with this position. Across the UK, the average annual compensation for a CFO stands at £120,000, soaring to £162,000 in London.

Finance Director

Finance Directors in the UK enjoy an average annual salary of £100,000, which escalates to £140,000 within the London financial landscape – indicative of the pivotal role Finance Directors play in steering corporate financial strategies towards profitability and growth.

Financial Reporting Manager

As the backbone of financial transparency and compliance, Financial Reporting Managers in the UK are compensated with an average annual salary of £70,000. In London, their expertise commands £110,000.

Head of Finance & FP&A

The Head of Finance and Head of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) are roles that combine strategic oversight with in-depth financial analysis. Across the UK, Heads of Finance fetch an average annual salary of £90,000, with London offering £120,000. Meanwhile, Heads of FP&A see their salaries go from £85,000 in the UK to £130,000 in London.

Conclusion: The London Premium for Finance Professionals

The finance sector in London not only offers exciting career opportunities but also presents a significant premium on salaries compared to the UK average. This premium compensates for the city’s higher living costs and reflects the high demand for finance professionals in a globally competitive market. Whether you’re a Finance Director, a CFO, or in another key finance role, London’s financial landscape provides a fertile ground for career growth.

For business leaders aiming to build a robust finance team, offering competitive remuneration is critical, particularly in financial hubs like London. The purpose of this survey is to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest finance salaries across the UK, with a focus on London. This survey serves as a supportive resource, outlining market salary benchmarks that can inform compensation strategies for professionals and hiring managers alike.