Our Approach

At Valuefinex, Our team of CFO and FD experts specialises in handling your finance function applying principles of finance transformation, partnering closely with your team to elevate the function to a new level. We bring a unique blend of strong technical skills, traditional finance expertise, and modern, dynamic perspectives to help you achieve higher efficiency.

The Problem

SMEs struggle to hire senior finance due to high costs, scarce talent, and evolving finance skills that go beyond traditional approaches.

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Many small and mid-size companies are struggling to manage their finances effectively and make informed financial decisions due to the increasing difficulty of hiring and retaining experienced full-time CFOs, driven by rising salaries and a shortage of qualified candidates.

Our Solution:
Don’t Hire One, Go Flexible

Valuefinex offers a network of skilled fractional CFOs, ensuring top-quality service tailored to your business’s specific requirements. Our offerings range from CFO-as-a-Service to part-time financial controllers, all meticulously tailored following a personal meeting with you.

NO Severance Pay

NO Social Security Contributions

NO Mandatory Pension Contributions

NO Health Insurance Contributions

NO 13th Month Salary or Bonuses

NO Paid Holiday Leave

NO Paid Sick Leave

NO Recruitment and Training Costs

NO Workspace & Equipment Overheads

Graph: Monthly Cost Comparison Between Valuefinex Finance Services and Internal CFO Hiring Over 12 Months
Monthly and cumulative savings over a year when opting for Valuefinex's finance services compared to an in-house CFO.

Our Method has delivered success to


Tech Startups

PE Backed Companies

B2B Series A





Series B companies



Nonprofit Organizations