Engage Our In-house CFOs:
An Alternative to
Recruiting Agencies

At Valuefinex, we have observed that SMEs and Start-ups in need of hiring a Finance Director or CFO often encounter significant challenges.

SMEs struggle to hire senior finance due to high costs, scarce talent, and evolving finance skills.

Additionally, the competitive landscape of finance recruitment agencies may not offer the necessary tailored approach for your business.


In this report, we highlight the three major issues we have identified with finance recruitment agencies in London, which we believe are a result of the highly competitive market

Unethical practices: Some recruitment agencies, particularly those targeting finance roles in prestigious sectors or locations, may often post misleading job ads to boost their online presence and gather CVs, without genuine job offers.

Shift towards sales-driven recruiters affects matching specialised roles making deal closures more about quantity than quality

Senior finance day-rates might not be a suitable approach for companies in growth and transformation phase, though it has become the norm due to skill shortage

The Challenges with Hiring Finance Professionals in London's Competitive Market

Looking for an alternative to going through recruitment agencies to hire a Senior Finance?

Our Tailored Solution:
Let us understand your specific needs and
match you with our top-tier in-house CFO/FD partner

Valuefinex offers a CFO and FD hiring solution through our in-house network of skilled fractional CFOs, ensuring top-quality service tailored to your business’s specific requirements.

NO Severance Pay

NO Social Security Contributions

NO Mandatory Pension Contributions

NO Health Insurance Contributions

NO 13th Month Salary or Bonuses

NO Paid Holiday Leave

NO Paid Sick Leave

NO Recruitment and Training Costs

NO Workspace & Equipment Overheads

Graph: Monthly Cost Comparison Between Valuefinex Finance Services and Internal CFO Hiring Over 12 Months
Monthly and cumulative savings over a year when opting for Valuefinex's finance services compared to an in-house CFO.

We tailor the scope of work based on your unique business nature


Beyond managing key aspects of your finance functions, we also introduce and lead digital transformation initiatives


Offering an in-house feel, we partner seamlessly with your team

Our Method has delivered success to


Tech Startups

PE Backed Companies

B2B Series A





Series B companies



Nonprofit Organizations

Hire our top CFO & Senior Finance Director to Elevate Your Finance Function