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We Operate as Part-time Finance Director
to take over Your Operational Finance Function

Immediate Expertise for Your Financial Needs: Work with our in-house certified and experienced finance professionals. Ready to join your team at a moment’s notice, our professionals can seamlessly integrate into your finance operations.

Opt for our flexible services, available for a few days each week, on a monthly basis, or for specific projects. Ideal for businesses seeking immediate and efficient financial management.

Experience the advantage with our network of Certified Finance Professionals. At Valuefinex, we offer not just Part or Full-Time Finance Directors but also CFO-as-a-Service, ensuring a complete suite of financial management tailored to your unique business needs. Let’s discuss how we can support you!

How are we different from recruitment companies?


We tailor your full scope of work based on your needs


We provide our in-house expertise directly to your team

Demonstrating Our Proficiency

This is what we do best

Core Finance

Budgeting, Forecasting, FP&A, Management and Investors Reportings

Commercial Finance

Business Valuation, Project Appraisals, DCF models, Sensitivity Analysis, Pitch Deck and Financial Modelling

Process Improvement

Manage and Optimise the day-to-day finance processes

ERP Implementation

Lead Systems (ERP) Implementation

How We Work

Let’s get started. Book a meeting, help us tailor your package and let’s level up your business!
Let’s get started. Book a meeting, choose the partnering package and let’s level up your business!